About: 91105 and Beyond

Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

What’s this blog about?

First: Photos are a hobby, my profession is TV writing. Among other credits, I wrote for four seasons on “My Name is Earl” and on “Better Off Ted.” I got my start in television animation with “Rug Rats.”

So, because of my background, my angle on photos isn’t necessarily (or at least solely) the visual. I like a combination of verbal, the visual and — being a comedy writer– the funny when I can get it. And those rare moments when I can cram all all three things into one photo at the same time, are when I’m at my happiest.

But, sometimes… just a cool photo will do.

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I hope you enjoy the blog. And I hope you’ll visit often.

13 comments on “About: 91105 and Beyond”

  1. Thanks for the tip; I looked into it today– and apparently (unless I still don’t know what I’m doing, which is very likely) you can’t add it to a wordpress blog. They use some kind of spam filtering software (supposedly.) Im going to keep hunting around though to make sure; you’re right, I don’t want to start getting annoying ads in my comments!

  2. Interesting! We’d like to follow these.

  3. I’m here! And enjoying!

  4. Loved meeting you and chatting with you yesterday!!! We’ll have to get together for a dog at Slaw Dogs, bar b que at Purdue’s or an adventure to some other blogger’s recommended spot!!! Do you know anything about Amy’s cafe on Altadena and Lake??? Driving home yesterday I saw it and it looked charming!!!

  5. We have friends in Southampton and when I was exchanging emails with Anthony and mentioned you stuck in London, he asked if you needed any help and offered to help in any way…gave me his phone number etc…I’m assuming you’re covered as you’re there for a wedding and therefore have friends in the area…but please know that if you need, I can certainly contact them….they’re wonderful people…

  6. It occurred to me that if you end up taking a transatlantic cruise to get to the US, ours left out of Southampton last year so maybe they can be of help if you decide to do that…he’s mentioned that they have a guest room!!!

    • Thank you so much for that offer, and passing it along to us! So far, we’re still keeping fingers crossed for Tuesday, but honestly– we don’t think it will happen. All the reports say that travel will probably be impacted for about 48 hours after the volcano ends… And that doesn’t look like any time soon.

      Fortunately, my husband’s parents grew up in England so there are family friends who have offered to take us in, just in case. But your Southhampton friend could indeed be our lucky star if we end up on the Queen Mary 2. Please thank him for us. We’ll be in touch if it becomes necessary.

      It’s been so crazy!

      We’re still holding out for getting to our friends wedding in India, we have some leeway on the dates since he doesn’t actually get married until may 2. And we don’t really have to be back to work until June when our contract starts on our new job, so that would be okay too.

      So… We’re just going to keep status quo until we hear on Monday about flights. In the meantime, there’s nothing we can do except enjoy an unusual time, so that’s what we’re trying to do.

      Thanks for the suggestions and the help! We really appreciate it!

  7. I like this. Very cool. I have always loved photos as documentation AND art.

  8. You women love to take pics of mirrors for some unknown reason!! 😛

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