Ghost face of the sidewalk

By: klikkonthis

Oct 07 2012

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As I looked down– someone was looking back at me!

These are glass block sidewalk “lights”

Pre-electricity, they were used to illuminate below ground cellars. Now they are just more or less a decorative feature of Colorado blvd.

With a twist.

–written by Kat. Randomly auto-corrected by Apple.


8 comments on “Ghost face of the sidewalk”

  1. I would be that happy to being the only beautiful blue amid a sea of brown!!!! Your blogs continue to entertain and inspire…keep up the artistic work you artist, you! MIL

  2. Why is it I’ve never noticed this type of detail on Colorado??? I’ve walked just about every inch…at least in Old Town and never noticed this…and I’m pretty good at noticing this type of detail!! Where are these located???

    • This one is almost directly in front of Intelligentsia on Colorado blvd. There are several lighting blocks (but no others with faces!) on Colorado, Fair Oaks, and if I remember correctly, Green Street. The trouble is, to notice them, you’ve got to walk looking down all the time! You’re far to “up” a person to do that, I’ll bet! lol!

  3. There are some on North Raymond, too, I think, and on…Union?
    I’ve never noticed this little face, though. I love it.

  4. It worked! I can comment! Hooray!

  5. What a great find! I thought it would be at the Halloween place on Colorado and Raymond (I think). Now you’ve got me wanting to go to Intelligentsia to hunt for this.

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