As seen in the Ikea display…

By: klikkonthis

Jan 20 2012

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… You know that something terrible
— but not entirely unexpected–
happened here.


12 comments on “As seen in the Ikea display…”

  1. I like to call those the “someone ruined it for everybody” signs. I deal with a lot of forms like that in teaching.

  2. Unbelievable!!! People are amazing!!!!

  3. It’s not “stupid people” It’s Ikea that has the control issues. Seriously, what is it with their herding of the masses approach?

    • Whether or not Ikea is ultimately to blame with their super regimentation… (where’s the door, dammit! I just wan to leave!) working on sets, this kind of thing happens all the time (and I think we all know what I euphemistically mean by “thing”). I’m always amused and amazed by it. My theory is that we are all so conditioned to “toilet means bathroom” that if you are in a pressing situation and see a toilet, the urge becomes uncontrollable. I envision the culprits doing the deed then, like waking up after a big drunk the night before, they’re overcome with remorse and slink away hoping no one will connect this to them.

      My other theory is that some people just have a sick sense of humor.

  4. My theory is it’s the non union set painters. Just when they’re an hour short of meeting the requirements on a production (to qualify or union) they get “canned” I bet they do it out of revenge.

  5. I’m going with the non-union set painter with a sick sense of humor theory.

  6. A message/sign i’m sure all non-restaurant biz’s wood luv to post!

  7. I haven’t seen that at my local IKEA.

  8. “unpriced” = IKEA-speak for priceless & “lost in translation” revisited.
    I remember when their catalogs used to say “impossible prices”

  9. I have such torn feelings about Ikea… design for the masses — yes. Great. I love that. but I can’t help feeling like I’m being used…

    So, Maybe I have some sympathy for the toilet user? Does that make my terrible?

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