Goodbye to the Celebrations!

By: klikkonthis

Jan 04 2012

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Somehow this little graffiti manages to encapsulate my feelings about saying goodbye to the holiday celebrations, the feasting, and most of all the drinking.

It’s been fun, uplifting, colorful (occasionally angelic) a little sordid, sometimes seedy — and now I’m ready to have it all fly away for a while as I go back into normal life.

Goodby holidays! We’ll see you next year!

Written by Kat… Randomly auto-corrected by Apple.


7 comments on “Goodbye to the Celebrations!”

  1. Putting away the Christmas decorations as I write!!!

  2. What ya mean, “next year”?? How’s about in just a couple of weeks! We’ll have another national holiday, another day off to celebrate, etc. So, lemme be the 1st to wish you, as a lady did in a recent commercial: “Happy Holiday!”

  3. Have a HaPpY NeW YeAr!:)

  4. Did you take this photo in London or Pasadena? I’ve just seen several stickers with that bottle with wings image in the Arroyo – under the La Loma bridge on both sides. Any idea what it means?

  5. Congrats to Beast. I really love this art– and I now that I know what’s behind it, I love it even more. I know graffiti can be such a divisive subject– some people love, some people hate, some people view as illegal, and I get that. But I think it all depends on intention. To me, just plain tagging is so different than expression of art. To me, this is art and it makes me happy to see. I love the wings. It spoke to me.

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