Cultural differences…?

By: klikkonthis

Dec 29 2011

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An advertising campaign warning about drinking/partying.

It’s theme is “Dance Floor” to “Toilet Floor.”

Now– we all hear the stories about how much drinking is done here in London, and you see evidence of it all the time.

But the tag line of this campaign made both me and my husband stop and back up to read it again. Look closely at the fine print.

“Make every third drink a soft one.”

Which rather implies multiple rounds of three.

So, cheers to you, young English drinkers! I now do not feel ashamed at all of my level of consumption at any point in our trip.

That’s a great load of my mind.

Written by Kat… Randomly auto-corrected by Apple.


5 comments on “Cultural differences…?”

  1. TskTsk…soft drinks’ll only add to the dehydration…best to make it water…1 water for every drink!!! But then, I wouldn’t know first hand…

  2. Years ago I found myself in that position a few times. Thankfully I grew up.

    • Let’s be honest… that’s how I feel tonight! Lol!

      Back home from our trip, the house across the street (that was destroyed by a giant pine tree in the windstorm) has now been ripped down to the foundations for repair and my husband and I are feeling incredibly grateful (there but for the grace of God…). I can’t live on the bathroom floor everyday (and, okay, I won’t tonight) but — wow, what a year! Happy New Year to you and all!

  3. Happy New year blogger bud.

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