Settled in…

By: klikkonthis

Dec 01 2011

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4S

… Using the last of our computer juice to watch the post Monty python Era Michael Palin show “Ripping Yarns” on DVD . Computer died warned us, then died.


–and the power suddenly came on.

First words: “aw, I miss the dark.”

We just turned the lights off, and have continued watching.

We are weird.

Written by Kat… Randomly auto-corrected by Apple.


4 comments on “Settled in…”

  1. Couldn’t have timed the battery any better….lol. Sure hope you didn’t suffer damage. It was all the news over here could talk about this evening. Those winds must have been crazy!

  2. Sounds more romantic than weird–sigh.

  3. You got your power back sooner than we did. It came on at 6 am this morning – a bright light shining in my face as I’d left my bedside light on – hallelujah! So good to be warm and have internet.

  4. Nothing better than candle and firelight…but all the better for having the computer plugged in!!! (or not?!!!)

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