Good luck, little friend.

So, my husband and I have been following the progress of about twenty or so monarch caterpillars living in our back yard..

moving them to a new plant when they’d eaten the old one down to the stalk…

protecting them from birds, and dogs and leaf blowers…

And now, fattened up and ready to pop, they’ve started the cocooning process — which means they mainly just disappear and we have no idea what happens to them.

But, this morning, my husband found this little guy in a (relatively) safe spot, and just starting the process.

Good luck, little guy! We hope to see you again when you have wings!


4 comments on “Good luck, little friend.”

  1. I’m glad you recognized him. I wouldn’t have known. Vulnerable little wormy.

    • We’ve gotten really obsessed with these guys and have been reading up about what to look for. My husband came in and said he found a caterpillar in the “J” process… which, apparently is an early stage, right before it starts cocooning. Who knew! We’ve barricaded this little guy off so that (hopefully) he’ll be safe. According to the internet, only one in ten of these wormies makes it through the process. Fingers crossed!

  2. When I was a kid we used to get loads of the caterpillars covered in this kinda spinney exterior and a few of the black fuzzy guys. Odd because that was a period when DDT was in use and we didn’t have squirrels or Red Tailed hawks about. Then the later returned and the former disappeared. Presently, all seem to be returning. Just the other night, I nearly hit a full pronged dear when I was getting off the Figuroa off-ramp in Eaglerock. He waited and jumped in front of the guy behind me. We had the deer sandwiched between us as he trotted down the off-ramp between us. Surreal.

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