Ken Burns “Prohibition”

Is it wrong that this is how I spent the evening watching the documentary…?


13 comments on “Ken Burns “Prohibition””

  1. Way to go! I wish I’d watched it with a bottle of homemade whisky.

    • In case you are interested –there’s a good book that is ostensively about the beginning of the modern coroner system in the U.S. (specifically NYC) — but it’s really about how Prohibition and poisonings and why that ended up driving the coroner system and forensic science. It’s called “The Poisoners Handbook.” I listened to the audio book (try explaining what you’re listening to, to one’s husband by the way! No way to make him feel comfortable about a book called “The Poisoners Handbook…”) and it was fascinating.

  2. Didn’t see it…but I had some wine…does that count???

  3. We 2 too. EXTREMELY topical and timely, we thought.

  4. Is it wrong that on my way to teach kindergarten at 7:30 this morning that looked really good to me?

  5. I joined you with that! Left in the middle (and returned to second viewing) to engage in other guilty pleasure of “The Good Wife”. Ah, sin.

  6. A new book for the list. I’ve read “Stiff” and “How We Die” Sounds like “THe Poisoners Handbook” will fit in nicely.

  7. Where are the cigarettes?

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