Monkey in a case

On the off chance you need one of these, I can tell you where in Pasadena to get one.

Just let me know.


5 comments on “Monkey in a case”

  1. All right Mr DeMille, I’m ready for my rabies shot

  2. In Pasadena??? Is it stuffed or alive? Tell us where you found this, I beg you. (Unless it was in the Gold Bug, which is too creepy to enter)

    • Thankfully, not a live monkey… a stuffed one –which is sad enough. Saw it in one of the upstairs rooms of the Antique Annex bldg on Fair Oaks. I went up come stairs, turned a corner and came face to fact to Mr. Chimps…

      As for Gold Bug– some great stuff, and then I turn around and scream! lol.

  3. PA, too funny.

    Well, now I have to go into the Gold Bug, no matter how creepy. I’ve never been there.

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