Guerilla art, Pasadena street.

Appropriate for the coming Dia de Los Muertos season.

–written by Kat, randomly auto-corrected by Apple.


6 comments on “Guerilla art, Pasadena street.”

  1. I knew they could run and climb but artists too?!

  2. Thank you Jesus for the wheat paste artist. Hand to heart, they have redeemed graffiti for me. Instead of ego centric tagging we now have chance meetings with wit (and you can remove it without harm to the wall surface).

    • I’m so glad you said this! I feel the same way but since I’m not an artist, I’ve never been able to peg why. I feel like a lot of clever creativity goes into these pieces and I love the surprise, found quality of them.

      And now I feel validated in my opinion because, unlike me, you are an artist.

  3. But why do they always have to be so grim? Skulls are not a favorite of mine.

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