A gift from a chicken’s butt

By: klikkonthis

Sep 12 2011

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Although, to be honest, this gift might have come from more than one chicken.

Since I don’t know the birds personally (they belong to a friend) I should just give credit to them all.

Oh– and thanks to Mr. Tomato plant and Mr. Pepper Plant too…


2 comments on “A gift from a chicken’s butt”

  1. I didn’t believe you that the egg came from the chicken’s butt, so I looked it up.
    I did know, before I read this, that the opening was called the cloaca. There’s a (I think Roman) goddess of drains named Cloacina.

    • Lol! Yes, it is one of those strange but true facts of life…. And the reason I’m washing these eggs thoroughly before I cook with them today. 🙂

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