Butterfly success

A couple of days ago I posted about finding a monarch chrysalis in our garden– well, today I’m proud to announce the birth of the butterfly itself!

It’s my husband’s and my first. And no, we didn’t register anywhere. But we will accept your kind wishes for its continued health and long life.

— from Kat, but randomly auto-corrected by Apple.


15 comments on “Butterfly success”

  1. Ooh, adorable! What are you going to name it?

  2. Last year we and the grandkids watched a blue swallowtail come out of its chrysalis on our deck. It is a truly miraculous process.

  3. Miracles come in all sizes, big and small. Cherish this one.

  4. wow!!! The colors sure are intense!!! Congratulations!!! Your young one is beautiful!!!

  5. How exciting and fun! Beautiful picture of it. Have you named it yet?

  6. I didn’t realize they bred locally – this has me very excited. I saw them in Toronto one September, filling up on nectar before setting off to the south across Lake Ontario. can you imagine those little butterflies crossing such a huge lake? Don’t they go to Mexico eventually?

    Anyway, congratulations on the new arrival – she’s beautiful. And your garden will be designated a protected Monarch breeding habitat.

    • We found out from Mayita Dinos (landscaper) that they do breed here, and she warned us to keep an eye out (we had planted some very specific butterfly attracting plants– that had a very good year this year.) We were so thrilled when we found the chrysalis– and it makes me hopeful there are more.

      I would love to see a Monarch migration– I hear it’s amazing! I hope you got photos of the ones you saw in Toronto!

  7. I rarely see the monarchs here. I have heard they spend time in a Malibu campground before heading south. I wonder if your butterfly is hitching a ride south too.

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