Back yard incubator.

Thanks to Mayita Dinos, and Shayne Naudi, (pals and, not incidentally, the designer and landscaper –respectively– of Pasadena’s Arlington Gardens), we have– for the first time ever– a Monarch butterfly chrysalis in our yard!

Yay to nature!


4 comments on “Back yard incubator.”

  1. Watch this jewel every day-a true miracle.

  2. Keep your eyes on it. When it starts to wiggle, it is coming out!

  3. Luv this, and Arlington Gardens!
    Hey, are you not a daily blogger anymore??

    • Hey Cafe! I’ve had to pull back the blogging a little bit. My life has gotten much busier and I”m not out and about in the world as much (stuck much more in an office). So for the time being, I’m posting when and where I can. It’s a much less formal way to go about it– and it frees me up a bit to only post photos that I like rather than feeling driven to have one no matter what. Still–I want to get back to the daily blogging at some point. But, between work and blogging– I’m afraid right now that work wins out! lol!

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