More (slightly creepy) advice from the street…

…or perhaps from The Matrix?

I feel vaguely unsettled.


7 comments on “More (slightly creepy) advice from the street…”

  1. Or awake up call from the Universe. “This is the journey people. Time to focus on the ride.”

    • That’s even scarier than it coming from the Matrix! At least in the matrix I could have a cool, ankle length leather coat if I wanted, and if I tried– I could fly through the air!

      Universe vs. Matrix… hmm…

  2. I don’t know if it’s about where you roam or your ingenious eye, but some of your shots are just so…I don’t know the word. Charming with a funky edge.
    Maybe you could make a little book of Street Advice. Or Street Warnings, might be better. If you put them all together, what are they telling us? I think they’re saying, “Look out!”

    • I do seem to find a messages that seem vaguely ominous! But maybe that’s my own (occasional) misanthropy coming through. lol! But I always do keep my eyes peeled for that odd, quirky bit of advice…

  3. I wanted to say everything Petrea has. This one’s a real find! Surely not in Pasadena?

  4. Gravity is never a test. It’s a conclusion

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