Lessons from dogs.

Your world view is usually based on what you care about most.

For instance: squirrels.

–written by Kat, randomly auto-corrected by Apple.


3 comments on “Lessons from dogs.”

  1. A friend of mine’s dog, who is not really all that big, got her mouth around a squirrel during a walk the other night and the thing almost took her face off. She was ok, but it was a close call. When she got home she avoided her plush toys like the plague – not knowing whether they too could launch a counter attack.

    • Poor girl! One of my dog’s favorite toys is a giant, orange stuffed orangutang… Imagine how terrifying that would be for all concerned if it came to life and attacked! I don’t blame your friends dog for being a little bIt wary!

  2. I like to imagine you looking at the dog who is looking at a squirrel who is looking at a nut.

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