La Loma Bridge

My husband, me and about 200 new friends were on the La Loma bridge to watch the Rose Bowl Fireworks.

This used to be our secret.


6 comments on “La Loma Bridge”

  1. Our favorite spot was empty this year and I missed the other oohs and ahhs.

  2. I am so averse to crowds I rarely see the fireworks. I’d love to know an empty “favorite spot.”

    • Until last night I would have said “la Loma bridge!” in past years only a scattered handful of people: this year, it was so packed that traffic was stopped. I wonder how that happened? It’s not like we’re on a main thoroughfare!

  3. Gee, you mean I wasn’t suppose to post its location in the Pasadena Weekly? 😉

  4. the hill with the cross behind the church of angles on ave 64

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