Just a simple reminder…

In case you need a refresher course.

(Macy’s, Pasadena. In the ’40’s it was The first non-elevator operator elevator in town.)


6 comments on “Just a simple reminder…”

  1. Charmed! Good eye. It’s these little things that make it worth shopping there. They’re wise to keep them.

    • I always use it, even when I’m only going up or down one floor. I love that sign and the wood panelling.

      Someone who saw this photo posted on my facebook page mentioned that, back in the day, pre Paseo Pasadena, pre Americana in Glendale (or even the Galleria) that South Lake was THE place to shop and Bullocks (now the Macy’s) was THE place. I wish I could have seen it! I remember when I moved to Pasadena that I heard stories of the lunch and tea room that used to be on the top floor. Sigh. Born too late!

  2. Ha!!! I love that Macy’s!!! Although it was even better when it was a Bullock’s!!!

    There have been times when I’ve needed such instruction…

  3. I would have loved to watched the Bullocks shoppers oohing and ahhing over the fancy, automatic elevator — being nervous about exactly which button to push!

  4. Your facebook pal is right on! It was THE Elegant spot to shop!!! We only went there for special things!!!

  5. I’ve seen old post cards of it. It’s a sleek building. I love the place for the atmosphere. In a remote way, it reminds me of the old days of Marshall Field’s in Chicago when I was a kid.

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