Just a cool flower.

By: klikkonthis

Jun 02 2011

Category: Uncategorized


That is all.

Feel free to move on.

Note: The format of my blog has changed; Instead of posting a photo a day, wI’ll be posting new photos when I can. My life has taken a super-busy turn, and I’m not able to get out and about as much with my iphone as I have been.

If you’d like an immediate ping when my new photos are posted, subscribe to either the blog feed via RSS, or hit the subscribe button at the bottom of the comments section.

Or, you can follow my posts on Twitter; my handle is Klikkonthis. And I promise, I’m not a spammy Twitterer! I only twitter my photos.

I hope to keep seeing you here!


3 comments on “Just a cool flower.”

  1. I can’t move on until I know the name of this flower. (just kidding – I’m sure you have better things to do today).

    • I wish I knew!! It was like a big succulent with a dinner plate sized thistle shaped flower on it.

      Oh, and the flower was more red than it came out in the photo….

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