This is a public service announcement: Here is your Number.

By: klikkonthis

May 26 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

So, hang in there.   Your  turn is coming.

Update: This post dates from last year… so I regret to inform you, your turn may have already passed.

Note: The format of my blog has changed; Instead posting a photo a day, I’ll be posting new photos when I can. My life has taken a super-busy turn, and I’m not able to get out and about as much with my iphone as I have been.

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Or, you can follow my posts on Twitter; my handle is Klikkonthis. And I promise, I’m not a spammy Twitterer! I only twitter my photos.


6 comments on “This is a public service announcement: Here is your Number.”

  1. I’m not a number, I’m not a number. I’m a dog. I tell you I’m a K9. Is anyone listening??

    You continue to have among the very best fotos!

  2. When the Awakening comes, I’m No. 74. Hmmm, can I wait that long?

    • It is a lot of people in front of you, but if you compare it to the number of people who are behind you, statistically, it’s not that bad. 🙂

  3. Hmmmm…3’s always been my lucky number…

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