ghost bridge

With a storm coming in, The Colorado Street bridge, built in 1913,  looks like its legend of “The Ghost Bridge.”

Folklore says that ghosts walk this bridge, and the arroyo seco beneath it,  and sometimes at night their cries can be heard.

And on days like this one, when the bridge looks like it’s a million miles from anywhere — although it’s in the heart of our city– it’s not hard to believe the stories are true.

If you’d like to read more about the folklore of the Bridge you can check out the website:

Note: I’m on hiatus and am re-posting some of last year’s photos in the meantime. Enjoy!


8 comments on “ghost bridge”

  1. That is a cool picture. Haven’t seen any dead people but then again after living in LA for 13 years (with many of those in Pasadena), I think I have only crossed this bridge 4 or 5 times.

  2. It’s funny, I don’t think I’ve driven across the bridge that often either. My husband and I did walk across it once, from west to east– the view was great but the walking was nerve-wracking. The cars along there go fast, and they cut close to the sidewalk. We were a little afraid we were going to become a pair of ghosts ourselves…

  3. I may never walk Suicide Bridge cuz of closeness of the cars on that winding bridge.

    Kat, I’m really impressed by the quality of your fotos. Especially impressive is how consistent you’re able to carry it off as a Daily shutterbugger!

    • Hey thanks for the kind words! I love taking these kinds of pictures and I’m teaching myself how to do it– so this is all really good discipline for me. You’re going to be un-impressed by today’s picture though! I love it, but it was one of those moments, when an iphone doesn’t cut it (lighting was the worst!) but I had to take it.

  4. Love this photo!! The black and white…the slight vignetting…makes it look vintage…you have great style!!!

    • Thanks! I’m trying not to cheat too much with these photos by dolling them up too much with iphone tricks and apps. This particular look is a subtle one and I feel like it adds to the photo, rather than making it about effects — an important difference for me.

  5. Hey I just noticed that this bridge is featured prominently in every cut scene in Celebrity Rehab. I also always wonder how close you guys are to Dr. Drew’s place?

    • The answer to Dr. Drew’s facility is: “not far.” Once in a blue we see the counselors around town, but never the (famous) patients.

      As fir the bridge– its one of the most recognizable things about Pas. But it has a fairly sad story. Construction workers who died in the building of it… It became a magnet for suicides (the last attempted one was a year or so ago). No wonder it’s supposedly haunted.

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