Want to go out and play?

By: klikkonthis

May 19 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

No!   It’s almost midnight.  I want to go to sleep.  I don’t care how cute you are, put Mr. Bill down, and go to bed.

….okay fine.  but just for ten minutes.

Note: I’m on hiatus and am re-posting some of last year’s photos in the meantime. Enjoy!


6 comments on “Want to go out and play?”

  1. oh nooooo Mr. Billllll!!!!

  2. Oh no!!! Mr. Bill!!!!!!!

  3. Awwwww….how cute is that?!!!

  4. At least you didn’t have to deal with Mr Johnson. He wood have given you a harder time!

  5. I was going to go to bed, too, but instead I checked out this great blog. Goodnight Alvin. Goodnight Kat. Goodnight John. Goodnight Mr. Bill.

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