What it’s like to live inside a flower

By: klikkonthis

May 18 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

…Or rather, what it’s like to live inside my flower umbrella when it’s raining. (Note: I’m on hiatus and am re-posting some of last year’s photos in the meantime. Enjoy!)

I bought this umbrella from the HELP FOR HAITI items at the on-line store “Unique Vintage.”    Through the end of February, they are selling these, and others like it, for $25.00 and donating the proceeds.

The umbrellas are gorgeous, well-made and help a good cause.   What more do you need!


By the way, my husband would like me to point out that the raindrops in the photo are actual, real raindrops as seen through my umbrella, not raindrops printed on the fabric.


5 comments on “What it’s like to live inside a flower”

  1. “Oh and you should mention those are real raindrops.” — an excerpt from our actual real lives

    – husband

  2. How beautiful, I can’t visualize how the whole thing looks as unbrella!

  3. I love this vibrant colour on this post!.
    I have an umbrella of the same color but not with flowers.
    The color makes me think of Macaron’s! Really!

  4. What’s the point of having an umbrella that color if it isn’t a flower! lol! As for macaron’s; saw this in today’s LA times “Daily Dish” and thought of you. http://www.xtpatisserie.com/

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