Strew my path with flowers.

At the end of this walkway is an elderly gentleman who lives alone.     We don’t know his name.

But yesterday someone thought it was important to strew his path with flowers, all the way to his door.

Note: I’m on hiatus and am re-posting some of last year’s photos in the meantime. Enjoy!


9 comments on “Strew my path with flowers.”

  1. Lovely

  2. This is great. I love the effect you’ve given it. I have yet to master this art. What a sweet story too. Gives the picture heart!

    Tillicum (WA) Daily Photo

    • My ‘art’ is as simple as an iphone app called “camera bag”. It has several different overlays that I sometimes use to enhance contrast, framing, color… It really is idiot proof– and the proof is that I can be quite the idiot with my camera! 🙂 I haven’t mastered real darkroom type techniques, or good photoshop skills, so this is a perfect compromise. I try not to rely on it too much, and just present my photos ‘naked’ … but on a picture like this one, it really helped focus the details (and create the mood) that I wanted to present.

  3. The very same word came to my mind…lovely! A lovely photo, and lovely story…

  4. How sweet! They look planted

  5. Hey, I walked past and saw that! What a lovely tribute to my sweet neighbor Robert Winter, architectural historian and Pasadena treasure, who lives in the craftsman house of Ernest Batchelder, the tile maker. Batchelder embedded some of his tiles in the path, have you seen them? Bob must be 86 or 87. Perhaps it was his birthday?

    • I didn’t know his house had been Batchelder’s house! He is a lovely man; we’ve chatted with him on occasion (although, as I mention in the post) we didn’t know his name. We’ve admired his house (my husband and I, I’m not speaking in the royal “we”!), and love the new garden he recently installed. As for the Batchelder tiles… I’ve taken many pictures of the ones embedded in his sidewalk (I’m in that area frequently) but I’ve never gotten a good one. The flowers up his walkway the other day were just lovely and intriguing. Thank you so much for posting this fantastic information and wonderful Pasadena history!

  6. […] & Greene house which is currently owned by an architectural historian. It’s featured on this blog before, as a matter of […]

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