Cat in a Cage

By: klikkonthis

May 15 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

Note: I’ve gone on a short hiatus and am reposting some of my favorite photos from the early days of my blog. Enjoy!

Yesterday was another rainy day in Pasadena, and as I was out running errands, I drove past this cat in a cage and jumped out into the pouring rain to catch it. He (she?– and look at those claws!) is painted behind a locked chain link fence. It’s on the wall of a partially demolished building next to the Waverly School on Pasadena street. The building was gutted months, or more, ago and has looked lonely and sad ever since.

Someone, obviously, decided it needed an occupant.

Let me be the first to say… Hello, Kitty!

UPDATE; This little kitty is long gone… this original post was from January 27, 2010. And not only is this kitty no more… the graffiti artist was arrested by the Los Angeles police, charged, jailed and fined (if you check out the comments you can find some links to his story). One of his cats still exists along the 110 Freeway, on the wall of a building that backs up against the freeway.

I know that graffiti art is controversial, but I still can’t wrap my head around why the LAPD would choose to expend their resources hunting this guy down when there’s other more serious gang-tagging happening in the same areas.


9 comments on “Cat in a Cage”

  1. Pasadena is a dog town but we in the “adjacents” love cats

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! Isn’t it funny– I would call Pasadena a dog town too, although I’ve never thought about it (even though I have dogs.) Maybe the cat is in the cage for it’s own safety!

  2. I’ve been waiting for someone to blog about these guys! They are all over the 110 heading to and from downtown, clustered mostly around Highland Park (at least, they were a few weeks ago; may have gotten painted over). My kids and I love them … graffiti at its best!

  3. This goes back to the roots of Los Angeles when we had cats painted on ALL of the sewer drainage pipe covers up the entire LA river. I would watch for the cats every time I would take a ride up the 5 when I was a kid. Now these cats have started to show up around town and it just makes me smile every single time I see them. I am saddened to find that we are spending a huge pile of city cash to capture/identify this artist. They sent a squad of 6 officers is swat style to break into a loft where the artists was suspected of living. All I am saying is we have WAY WAY WAY!!! more important things to be spending that money on!!! Cats make people happy and I feel it is some of the best art we have popping up in the city. My favorite 4 cats with glasses right by the tunnels on the 110 got painted gray last week yet the scribal scrawl of the words “kunt” and “proab” remain looking as much like trash as the empty bag of chips drifting by my feet. Our mayor has his priorities wrong for sure.

    I missed this kitty, thank you for the pict!!

    • I’m so glad you posted here. I agree with you whole-heartedly. There’s a deep difference between scrawls like the ones you referenced (and that I see all too often) and fun, and attractive graffiti that some might argue are public art. I get that it’s illegal to deface public property– but in terms of going after the culprits, I think better battles can be chosen, especially in this time of tight budgets and city workers being layed off.

      I don’t know who the artist of these cats are… but I love them and I hope he or she keeps painting. I’m happy whenever I spot a new cat, and I’m bummed when I see that one has been covered up.

      For example, now that “Cat in a Cage” has been painted over its location — once bright with a fantastic little piece of guerilla art– is now back to being what it was; A burned out, fenced off construction site. Very sad.

  4. Wow, I love the mention of the storm drain cat “Super Burito.” You must be a native. I have some documentation of those early cat heads from the 60’s. Actually they’re still there. A fellow named Limon(?) paints them now, but you can’t see them from the freeway because of the barrier protecting the bike path.

  5. Unfortunately, law enforcement can’t say this graffiti is ok and that isn’t. Graffiti in general is extremely destructive and costly to individual property owners as well as to the city. It also contributes to property values going down and lifestyle infringement. While I remember seeing the cat faces over the years and am not at all offended by this graffiti, I still support the police in their efforts to rid the city of taggers and graffiti “artists”.

    • Lol! I’m not surprised that this would be your take on this issue! ๐Ÿ™‚ I know it’s such a controversial subject… what I don’t understand sometimes is the apparent focus on on individual who is clearly (at least) doing something artistic vs. seeming to ignore much more distractive graffiti. Such as that of “Kunt” and “Noiz” that I still see on bridges, buildings and guardrails up and down the 110– and have seen since before this cat artist was plying his trade. Personally, I’d rather see those guys nabbed, than this one…

      And, incidentally, I hope that the cat artist has turned his art to the legal side of things.

      My two cents! ๐Ÿ™‚

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