What’s in the shadows.

By: klikkonthis

May 14 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

Spotted this the parking lot of a Thai restaurant.  The restaurant has tall cement courtyard walls, which are interspersed  with  15 to 20 foot tall vertical metal cut-out panels with funky  Thai-inspired designs.

The sun was angling through the metal work, and casting this long skinny shadow on the parking lot.

It wasn’t until I got home and uploaded the photo that the long skinny shadow from the vertical designs resolved into these horizontally identifiable figures.

Be honest, did you see Elephants right away?

It seems blazingly obvious to me now, but my husband didn’t see them either until I pointed them out.

Note: I’ve gone on a short hiatus and am reposting some of my favorite photos from the early days of my blog. Enjoy!


13 comments on “What’s in the shadows.”

  1. Very interesting abstract.

  2. I’m curious– did you see the elephants immediately? I’ve looked at this picture so often now, that they just jump out.

    But that being said, I walked past the restaurant yesterday and even then it took me a long time to figure out which of the metal panels from the restaurant had cast the shadow; running vertically up the building, the art just looks abstract. And there are about seven more of these panels. Now I’m wondering what else is hidden in them.

  3. Now I’m thinking that the art of this restaurant is related to the Thai concept of Shadow Art/shadow puppetry


  4. Didn’t see the elephants…it took a minute or so to see them…liked the shadow though…

  5. Can’t see any elephants.

    • Think of them as walking toward the camera, trunks curled down and under. There’s a round eye in the middle of the head. The closest one is just a blur. The middle one is sharper, that the very last one at the end is the clearest.

  6. Oh, now I can! They just jumped out at me. How lovely, how subtle. I remember that metalwork going up and thinking it looked like a cage. Now I’m going back to study the shadows.

    • I’m really curious now to study the other metalwork and see what other animals or designs are hidden in there. But even standing there and looking up at them, it’s hard to tell. It’s an amazing piece of shadow work.

  7. Elephants, all in a row…

  8. I wouldn’t have seen the elephants if you hadn’t pointed them out. Lovely. Is this the place on Fair Oaks in the antiques district?

    • That’s exactly where it is. Saladang Song is the name of it. I had never really looked closely at the metal work before, and then seeing this was such a fun surprise. I’m looking forward to the next sunny day.

  9. I saw the elephants! But I wouldn’t have seen them if you hadn’t pointed them out. I love shadow photography. This is aces, Kat.

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