But what way to the bathroom?

By: klikkonthis

May 14 2011

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I spotted this sign for the bathrooms in a little restaurant in Old Town.

It’s both specific and ambiguous at the same time.  Clearly, it’s meant to answer the question “where is the bathroom?”   But what else is it saying?  Why are the bathroom-goers on the sign holding hands?

Does it mean you can only go if you are escorted? And who escorts you– an employee of the restaurant?  Do you have to hire a freelancer?  Or, can you only go if have a boyfriend/girlfriend or are in a relationship?    And what would you do if you were in a same-sex relationship?  Does one of you have to be wearing a dress?  Because, while I’m in an opposite-sex relationship, I have to confess I usually wear pants.  Does that mean I can’t use this bathroom?

I think you’ll agree, this sign asks more questions than it answers.

Note: I’ve gone on a short hiatus and am reposting some of my favorite photos from the early days of my blog. Enjoy!


8 comments on “But what way to the bathroom?”

  1. I rebel. I will go to the rest room on my own, wearing pants. Try and stop me.

    • lol! That’s my reaction too. When I first saw the sign I thought, “how cute” and then I thought “I’ll bet single people are a little bummed out by that” (thinking of one single friend in particular) and that eventually led me to the above train of thought.

      But, I still do think the sign is cute. I just won’t obey it.

  2. Now I’m curious to know which restaurant this is – must be a new one?

    • It is pretty new: It’s Naga Naga on Colorado blvd. We went there for noodles and that’s when I saw the sign. I told my husband, “Um, I’m jut going to duck to the bathroom for a second…” and he started laughing and said “you’re going to go take a picture, aren’t you!”

  3. I think the sign says if you must use their toilet, then you should bee accompanied by someone of the opposite sex party so as to make something pleasurable out of an otherwise shitty experience.

    My main concern wood bee that what comes out of a restaurant kitchen is better than what we find in their toilet. So, how was the new asian Naga Naga?

    • I like your reasoning on this one

      I enjoyed Naga Naga; not priced above what I was willing to pay, not traditional (although they’ve got traditional on the menu), and really good. I recommend the Kimchee Ramen with pork.

  4. My four year old daughter said, “It’s a sign telling you that you need to make sure to go to the potty with your mommy or daddy so you won’t get lost.”

    Oh! So that’s it!

    • lol! She’s looking at it from her own point of view, and she’s absolutely right! I should show the picture to my 3 year old nephew and see what story he tells about it.

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