No booze.

For the last several weeks I’ve been publishing photos of my recent trip to NYC.

Well, when the NYC leg of the trip was over… I went to Florida.

And, I’ll admit it — as our trip to NYC was filled with lots of good food and good wine, I probably should have taken the advice on this sign.

But how can you when you’re confronted by a hidden crab shack, awesome local beers, steamed and buttered shrimp by the pound served in styrofoam containers, and with napkins that can not stand up to one drop of butter, let alone pounds and pounds of it.

I don’t think anyone can blame me.

I had booze past here.

But so did everyone else.


5 comments on “No booze.”

  1. I thought we might see this. How about faux bikini?

  2. I have SOOOO been there…and with the same crew!!!! good times!

  3. Ahhhh…all that shellfish and a few Red Stripe…who could resist???

  4. I would’ve had booze past there, too.

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