Rome: Caesar’s Pyre

On this spot, Caesar’s body was cremated by the adoring masses over two thousand years ago.

Long memories, those Italians.

NOTE: WHAT I’M DOING. As a “happy one-year-blog anniversary to me” (click here for more information), I’ve posted a lot of my Pre-blog pictures (sometimes years pre-blog); that have never before seen the light of day and were precursors to my current blog and blog style. I hope you enjoyed them– because my trip down memory lane ends today.

Until I decide to to it again.

Tomorrow will be back to my regularly scheduled blog.


2 comments on “Rome: Caesar’s Pyre”

  1. I saw fresh flowers there when I went years ago. Did someone place a standing order two centuries ago?

    But surely you’ve posted this 2 days early?

    • Argh! Would you believe me if I said I posted this today because with the shift of the earth over the last two millennium today would actually have been the ides of march…?

      I didn’t think so…


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