Short(est) story; A London roof.

By: klikkonthis

Mar 11 2011

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I imagine two lonely people who’ve never seen each other’s faces

accidentally step out onto their little balconies at the same time to have tea at their tiny white tables

Their eyes will meet across the span of red tile and verdigris– and it will be love.

Mad, passionate, crazy love

And then

–being English–

they’ll pretend they didn’t see each other and will never speak

because they haven’t been properly introduced.

NOTE: WHAT I’M DOING. As a “happy one-year-blog anniversary to me” (click here for more information), for the next ten days I’m going to post a several of my Pre-blog pictures (sometimes years pre-blog); that have never before seen the light of day and were precursors to my current blog and blog style. I hope you enjoy them!


5 comments on “Short(est) story; A London roof.”

  1. I’m so depressed…such a sad story!!!

  2. I thought it was funny. If you hadn’t ended it like hat I would have had to come in and do it for you.

    btw: not to toot my own horn but… you might enjoy a few of my last posts toot toot

    • Hey there! I’ll check them out. I have to admit that my blogging time has gotten pretty squeezed in the last few months and I’m shocked that I’ve been able to keep up with posting: what I haven’t been able to keepup with is checking all my favorite blogs every day. I’m going to sit down with a glass of wine and start checking out your back log. Also… I happened upon your firehouse mural not long ago. I was in that part of town and noticed it by chance, and I recognized it right away from your blog. It’s awesome!

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