Rome: Pantheon

By: klikkonthis

Mar 10 2011

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This is what the inside of the dome in the Pantheon looks like.

You’re welcome.

NOTE: WHAT I’M DOING. As a “happy one-year-blog anniversary to me” (click here for more information), for the next ten days I’m going to post a several of my Pre-blog pictures (sometimes years pre-blog); that have never before seen the light of day and were precursors to my current blog and blog style. I hope you enjoy them!


3 comments on “Rome: Pantheon”

  1. Good shot! I’ve never been able to study it so closely before. I love that perfectly formed building, the progenitor of so many others.

    • I just happened to hit the Pantheon that day when the sun was just right, shining through the occulus and hitting the inside of the dome that was also — if I remember correctly– lit by the sun coming through the giant bronze doors. That place just amazes me. Right after Rome we went to Florence where we could see the Duomo, who’s dome was inspired by this dome… only 1500 years later.

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