Florence: Smoker

I know it’s wrong — but he does make smoking look cool.

Even cooler, I caught him surreptitiously while we were all waiting for pizza at the best spot in Florence…


3 comments on “Florence: Smoker”

  1. Its the stripes on the shirt (the perfect cliche). Venice and Berlin were my favorite European cities

    • You’re right about the shirt; it was just such a classic, Italian (or European) moment… right out of La Dolce Vita. I was sitting on the steps of the pizza place and the second he lit up, I flipped my camera on, (but left it sitting on the ground) and surreptitiously tilted it at what I guessed might be the angle, and blindly took this shot. The second he walked away I peeked to see what I got. What I got was lucky!

  2. “Wrong”?? I thot right & wrong became obsolete in recent years to be replaced by poltically correct or not.

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