Old Man.

By: klikkonthis

Feb 19 2011

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The worst thing about having a best friend, is that they usually get old before you do.

But still worth it.


6 comments on “Old Man.”

  1. Yes, it is worth it!:)
    Look at those eyes….. They are full of wisdom and LOVE!

  2. Awwwwwww, I just want to hug him.

  3. Daisy would like a sniff!!! He’s a darling boy…give him a hug and a scratch for us!!!

    He’s darling…and I totally get the dilemma…Miss Daisy bounced back wonderfully from her near death experience at Thanksgiving. She’s doing well considering the Doc only thought she had 3 months at the most…she’s slowing down more and more and gets winded when she walks, but she still smiles, bounces and barks when she gets to go for a ride or thinks she’s getting a Greenie…her favorite things to do!!! Every day with her now is a gift!!!

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