American/Public storage sign — an update

By: klikkonthis

Jan 31 2011

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So, this is a long delayed update to a blog post I made on June 15, 2010.

Last summer, what had been a very attractive vintage neon sign for American Storage Co that looked like this was suddenly covered over with an orange vinyl sign for Public Storage that made it look like this.

I posted the change on my blog under the title “This makes me very, very sad”, told the story of how I noticed the change and asked if anyone had information.

And people did. I got a lot of great info (and a scolding from someone who suggested that if I was going to complain about historical destruction/preservation, I should at least join the Pasadena Historical Society and become a part of those working to protect and serve, so to speak. Point taken. I put my money where my mouth is and joined up).

Amid the tidbits of 411, was the news a hearing was going to be held with the City of Pasadena, and a design review was in the works.

Well, several months ago, the permanent sign went up (I can be lazy sometimes, took me a while to get a photo) and the above pic is of the finished product.

Well. It’s a win…?

Maybe its just me, but I feel like the original charm has been lost, even though a lot of the details (excluding the color) have been retained.

Still, the “storage” portion of the sign still lights up with neon at night, and lights up that section of Fair Oaks blvd.

And, I guess, Public Storage should be allowed the right to advertise in their distinctive colors… even though I miss the old, slightly more classy sign.

On the other hand… someone probably protested the original sign (trashy neon!) back in the day, too…


4 comments on “American/Public storage sign — an update”

  1. I think its a win. In fact, despite the loss of the “vintage” look. I think I like this one better. at least from afar

  2. At least they kept the original design!!! Good for them!!! And Pasadena!!!

  3. A decent compromise. Much better than the vinyl, but I do miss the color of the old one.

    • The other day I drove past and they were doing a repair under the sign, and they had removed a panel — and lo and behold, behind the bright orange, the original blue sign still exists. Yay, Pasadena!

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