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Jan 30 2011

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On Colorado Blvd in Pasadena is the remains of an amazing old Movie Palace from the ’30’s. Today — it’s a quite prosaic school supply store… but at least the building is still here. And on its facade and here and there inside, bits and pieces of its original grandeur remain.

When I was taking photos both inside and outside this building, the (very nice) kid working at the counter asked “how come?” When I explained about its movie palace history, his reactions was–

“Huh. No kidding.”

Nope. Not kidding.

From Cinema

“Not to be confused with the new United Artists Pasadena Marketplace multiplex cinema, this old United Artists Theatre was opened around 1931 with 912 seats. It was operated by Fox Theatres by the early-1940’s. Closed in the late-1980’s, it has been gutted and converted for retail space.”


7 comments on “Artistry.”

  1. Where is that exactly? Never noticed it before.

    • This is on Colorado Blvd., right next door to Zinke’s, right near the corner of Madison — south side of the street. This a photo of the west front facade. The east front facade also has a bar relief (if that’s the correct technical term…) called “Unity”. Once you know what to look for, you’ll never miss it again!

  2. Love the processing and angle of the photo Kat!!! Another one to display in a show!!! (Hint, hint!!!)

    • The job that I’m on right now ends in about six weeks… so when I have the free time I might do a little probing to see what’s possible. I still can’t believe anyone would be interested, however!~ lol!

  3. Petrea blogged about this a while ago on Pasadena Daily Photo and some of the comments added more history. Did you notice that the inside still has the skeleton of the old cinema foyer with frames on the walls for movie posters?

    • Ooh, I didn’t know Petrea had blogged about this place too! I’ll have to look it up. And yes, the whole front part of the store is what would have been the open-to-the-air entry way with the poster cases, the ticket booth and the lights under the marquee. The poster cases, the amazing mosaic floor (I took a photo of that too, but haven’t posted it) and the original light fixtures are all still there. They are all just surrounded by and covered over with display stands and shelves advertising school propaganda posters that say things like “study!!”

  4. I love this building and walk by here all the time, thanks for sharing the info.

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