Found On Road Dead

Okay… I may have found it (parked) on a road, but it clearly isn’t dead.

This is a beautiful classic Ford with just the right amount of distress to make it interesting– interesting enough to make me pull over and photograph it, just as someone else pulled up to do exactly the same thing.

As for calling the photo “Found on Road Dead”…

When I was growing up and Ford was going through a rough quality control patch — the running joke for non-running Fords were:

“You know what Ford stands for, right?

–Found on Road Dead.”

Or —

“Fix or repair daily…”

We didn’t mean to be mean… we were just hurt.

Because we loved Fords.

Still do.


3 comments on “Found On Road Dead”

  1. Love it!

  2. A very, very cool photo of an old, unique, antique car! Fab!

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