A little bit of everyone at In-n-Out

This is a very rare– perhaps the first official– “people” photo on my blog, but I have a tiny story behind it…

In-n-Out burger is a great California tradition, one that I’m happy to say, in which I occasionally participate.

And, as I was waiting in my car for my double double the other day (animal style if you must know) something struck me about the line of people at the window.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you fall on the hipness/social/racial/money scale of society,

Everyone in Southern California goes there.


And I think that’s pretty awesome.


2 comments on “A little bit of everyone at In-n-Out”

  1. The hipster in me says, “Right on, sister.” The PIO in me says, “You’re absolutely right in your assessment of this social phenomenon.”

    • I really love that both of those things exist in your head simultaneously! (And I love 70’s guy in the middle of the photo, just waitin’ for his burger…)

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