The most important thing on my desk: Martinis and pantsuits.

I’m still getting used to being in an office again every day, and sometimes when I’m feeling stressed. I dream about cranking up this old lp that I have on display, and returning to a simpler time.

A time when it was okay to come home from work, slip into an ugly flowered pantsuit, and drink an entire pitcher of martinis with a really, really square-jawed man.

The only things I would change would be to make the martinis with olives instead of a twist.

Oh– and that in the 60’s I wouldn’t have been allowed to have a real career of my own and I would have been serving the martinis to Mr. Square-jaw instead of drinking them with him as an equal.

Other than that… Stet.


6 comments on “The most important thing on my desk: Martinis and pantsuits.”

  1. Actually Kat, while it was more unusual for women to work, it did happen quite often! And as for drinking the martinis as opposed to serving them…in my family it was equal opportunity!!!

  2. The funky pantsuit is a whole other story!!!

  3. And remember, back then you whole family was happy because You Eat Lard!

  4. I only wish you could post an audio clip of that so I could relieve the glory days of men on my Hi-Fi Stereo!!

  5. Ahh, but the second glass is already poured. The Chieftess speaks the truth, except the pants suits could be fun! Sometimes this tradition led to new generations! I preferred Ray Charles to the 101 Strings (the Andy Williams of orchestras). Actually, Andy wasn’t all that bad!

  6. Although my mom’s a brunette, my DNA dadio “Big Fred” was also square jawed and liked his corn.

    I think it’s about time to see return of the pant suit. It tends to skip a generation

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