What I did on my Thanksgiving vacation: Magic Kingdom…

Well, it might be a cliche but…

Disneyland really does seem like a Magic Kingdom when you look at it like this.


3 comments on “What I did on my Thanksgiving vacation: Magic Kingdom…”

  1. Disneyland IS and always will be, the Magic Kingdom!!! I remember going there when it first opened. I was too little to drive the cars…had to go on a car ride that was on a motorized track…I coveted the cars and couldn’t wait til I was “big enough” to drive them on my own!!! When I was little, we went about once a year, then Grad night every year of high school!!!

    Love your photo…it really does show off it’s Magic!!!

    • Believe me, I’m a huge Disneyland fan! The very first time I went was shortly after I moved to California in college. A friend and I decided to drive there on the spur of the moment on a rainy weekday– and we happened to bump into the friend of a friend who was a Disneyland employee. He used his pass to get us all in for free. A huge boon to a broke college kid! (It probably meant I could afford to buy a burger!). And even better, because it was rainy, the park was near-empty. We walked right onto every ride. I felt like it was my own personal park. And that began my love affair. I still go quite often, and this time it was great to introduce two little ones to what I do still consider “the magic.” 🙂

  2. Absolutely!!! We’ll be in Anaheim the first week of March for a conference..I’m thinking Disneyland with the granddaughters…(the Hubman hates Disneyland…I know…bah humbug…) so I haven’t been in a long time!!!

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