The most important thing on your desk: Nice try, Cretin!

Okay– this technically isn’t on a desk, but two guys in the office — John and Sebastian, have used the cork-board behind their desks for a continuing comic book battle.

Every day, they draw a cell of their continuing comic– usually dissing each other or bragging about something, or just flat out blowing each other up (animatedly speaking, of course.)

This is is John, I believe, doing an ‘in your face’ to Seb.

This is from their first round. They’ve already filled the cork-board twice over, and are starting on a whole new comic book adventure….

During free moments in the afternoon, employees often congregate around the board and get caught up on what’s been going on.

Just another little method of to getting through the day…


2 comments on “The most important thing on your desk: Nice try, Cretin!”

  1. That’s funny! Not bad drawing, either.

  2. These guys are really fun and creative; they’ve done (so far) two run throughs of the giant white board and are percolating their third. Their drawings were really good and creative — but most were hard to photograph. This was such a plain one compared to others– but was one that would easily “pop” for a photo. Their board has been the talk of the office. A great way to cope with work stress!

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