You never know what you’ll see…

By: klikkonthis

Dec 04 2010

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

Like Dr. Seuss’s “To think that I saw that on Mulberry street…” You never know what you’ll see in L.A.

Running an errand on the Westside, I was strolling down an attractive little street that I’d never been down before, and I passed a doorway marked “Slimmons.” Inside, a bunch of attractive ladies of all sizes and ages were vigorously working out to peppy music.

And then I heard that voice.

A voice, I’m sure I haven’t heard for a good ten years or more. A distinctive voice that conjured up a particular image of a small, peppy man in (somewhat) tacky shorts and a blondish ‘fro, appearing on a talk show, showing off his brand of energetic aerobics and exhorting overweight women to:

“Come on ladies, let’s keep it moving!”

Richard Simmons.

I peeked inside, but couldn’t spot him, but I could hear his voice and his encouraging patter and clapping — and I saw a line of T-shirts with his smiling face and trademark hair.

Clearly, Richard’s still going strong, and based on his location and the number of women inside, doing well.

I gotta admit. It made me smile.


5 comments on “You never know what you’ll see…”

  1. I find it strangely redemptive and refreshing to learn that Richard Simmons, whom I had not thought of for decades, actually was living out his calling during his time of fame, and that he continues to do what he always did seem to love, even though the spotlight is gone. Or, perhaps it’s better without the spotlight.

  2. That’s just plain awesome. And a cool shot, too.

  3. I agree Old John!!! Every now and then he’ll be on some morning talk show or something, but not in greater public eye anymore…he has such enthusiasm for what he does…I guess that keeps him going and keeps ’em coming back for more!!!

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