Refreshing Honesty

I like that these folks were more focussed on creating a Happy Halloween for themselves, and not so worried about the what kind of Halloween rest of us were having.

I find that refreshing in its honesty.


7 comments on “Refreshing Honesty”

  1. Maybe they were just embarrassed to still have their Halloween decorations up, but couldn’t quite take them down, so they just turned them around!!!

  2. A nice photo and interesting comments!:)
    Here it is not common to decorate houses like you do.
    Perhaps it will become a new trend over here?

    • I assume that Halloween is not celebrated much (or at all?) over there. Here, it’s a very big deal (to the chagrin of some other countries who are now seeing our candy-begging culture being imported). And also… you should google some images of Christmas decorations here… Christmas tree lane, Altadena is a good google search. People go CRAZY! lol! And, there’s always the subset of people who put little banners on their houses (like little custom-made flags) for every holiday. As we speak, someone down the street from my house is flying at turkey-themed banner in honor of Thanksgiving. She also does Valentine’s day, 4th of July, Christmas (of course), and various President’s day. That’s too much work for me! Christmas… we put up a tree. And that’s it for my decorating duties!

  3. Gunn: It’s gotten out of hand here in Southern Cal. For some people the decorations are almost as much as Christmas, sometimes more. Where are you?

    Love your comment, Kat. The signs for them, not us!

  4. Gunn is in Stavanger, Norway. Click on the name, it’ll take you to her blog. Some cool shots.

    Refreshingly honest. Yeah, that’s it.

  5. We put a couple of pumpkins on the front steps for Halloween. They stay there through Thanksgiving (if they don’t rot). Then a Christmas wreath. That’s about it!

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