My inner child…

…is longing for a pastry myself won’t buy me.


8 comments on “My inner child…”

  1. One thing I’ve learned in life…sometimes, the inner child knows what’s best!!!

  2. My inner child can ignore the scale every morning. Me can’t! lol!


    Wow – coincidental subject matter on our blogs today? I wonder if we were there at the same time!

    • Lol! If you saw a cute, bob-haired kid, and a taller (older) short-haired kid looking at her enviously… we were there at the same time! I actually went to day as part of my “the great coffee hunt– the Pasadena version” (blog from Nov. 1) that I’m just starting. Drank coffee, bought beans, and chatted with the barista about what’s HIS favorite coffee in the LA area. Got some nice leads that I hadn’t heard of before. And you gave me a tip too– I didn’t even notice that Intelligensia serves beer! Another reason to go back!

  4. I was there on Saturday evening. I don’t remember seeing that group of people… but then again, I wasn’t really looking! I went with our baby in her red stroller – if that rings a bell.

    If you are checking out the area coffee shops, be sure to visit Jameson Brown over near PCC. It is operated by a couple of Fuller students.

    • Jameson Brown is definitely on my list. I’ve heard great things about it already. Any drink in particular you would suggest? Or someone to talk to when I go? I’m going to make a point of asking baristas where they get their favorite coffee (other than their own shops.) No one knows coffee like a person who makes and sells it!

      I was at Intelligensia today, but took the photo earlier in the week. I didn’t see you and your baby! But I’m still hoping I’m going to run into you somewhere around town!

  5. Any of the people at Jameson Brown would be worth talking to. They roast their own coffee there, so they may be biased toward their own product. They also do a lot of work with fair trade products, so that might be an interesting angle to go with when you visit.

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