self portrait at a coffee shop

Are you surprised that’s where to find me?


11 comments on “self portrait at a coffee shop”

  1. Are you sure that’s not me…those boots look like mine!!!

    Have a Jones Roaster cup of coffee for me!!!

  2. Darn – ain’t got no boots like those – but we are on a similar page on posts today.

  3. Definitely boot buddies…wore them today and got a cup of java at the local Looney Bean!!!

  4. I used to have me some boots. No more, though. They had to cut ’em off me when I sprained an ankle. I guess I never went back.

    • I love me the boots. I have three pairs… one pair of riding boots from when I was a kid (still fit) and I still had horses, and two pairs of more decorative boots (no horses any more, darn!). I’d have more if I thought it was a) proper, b) affordable!

  5. Proper??? Affordable??? Petrea, my dear, you must get to Boot Barn and get yourself some new boots!!! I’m looking at snow boots now…talk about questionably affordable!!!

  6. I love my boots!!! They were my primary winter shoes when closed toe shoes were a must (in so Cal I wore open toed shoes year round!)

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