I see you.

Do you see me?


4 comments on “I see you.”

  1. That little bug needs to lie low, because he looks like a Colorado beetle, the scourge of potato crops in Europe. But there can’t be many potato crops in Pasadena?

    Must share this factoid from Bill Bryson’s book, “The Home.” Thomas Jefferson was the first person to slice a potato lengthwise and fry it.

    • I’ve wondered what kind of beetle that is… it was on a patio at the Alma Rosa winery up above Santa Barbara (technically in Lompoc, I believe.) I hope it’s not a scourge, because I thought it was really pretty sitting on the matching tiles.

  2. I say smoosh it. Why take the risk?
    Though this picture has dots on the mid-section and not white stripes. All the other pics on Google show dots and not stripes on the mid-section BUT this could be a mutant variety. It does appear to be a related variety. Cool looking but so is a mushroom cloud. Still vote for squish it.

  3. When I was a Girl Scout, many, many moons ago, I went to GS camp at Camp River Glen, somewhere in the San Bernardino mountains. I remember waking up one early morning (in sleeping bags of course!) and looking directly at one of the weirdest looking bugs I had ever seen…a little bit like this one, but it had these weird eyelashes…I’m not kidding!!! It was definitely weird!!! I know it wasn’t a dream, because I’ve seen similar bugs since…have no idea what they are, although I assume it’s some sort of beetle!!!

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