Lucky Mantis

By: klikkonthis

Oct 20 2010

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

The the Chinese consider them good fortune

The Japanese do as well — but also use the moves of this predatory insect to teach sword fighting techniques.

In various African cultures, the mantis can be a trickster god (like Coyote or Raven in some Native American folklore) or a helpful god (will help you find lost sheep).

And even in U.S. folklore the praying mantis figures as a harbinger of good luck.

What do I think?

I think that recently when my husband and I were sitting down with a couple of friends and– for some inexplicable reason– started talking about mantises

–This big guy suddenly appeared in a flurry of wings and landed right on him just as he was saying how much he loved them, and thought they were good luck.

So, again, what do I think?

I think,

do not mess with my husband this year.

He’s been chosen by the mantis.


13 comments on “Lucky Mantis”

  1. Learning a few sword fighting techniques sounds interesting.

    Nice photo of the mantis.

    • When I was posting this photo I did some mantis research, I found a website that described each of the mantis fighting poses in Japanese martial arts. It made sense to me after seeing how aggressive this guy was when I got close for the photo. He reared up and his whole body was vibrating! If he was dog sized, he would have easily killed (and probably) eaten me! Lol!

  2. This explains why he has always been a lucky guy…proved by his choice for a life partner!

  3. Ws the picture taken before or after touching the man???

    • It was right after the mantislanded on him. We were all jumped up, startled, and then the mantis flew off and landed on the ground. And he was huge! About 3 or 4 inches long!

  4. He brings good luck and eats bugs…what more could any person want???

  5. This should be a much better year then when your husband was “chosen” by the bird.

  6. I think this is the coolest. Post. Ever.

    • It was honestly a “wow” moment. And I was so lucky to get the shot. When the mantis flew off my husband, it landed in bright sun on clay tiles. And I was also able to get really close… You can see how mad it was! It took up a very aggressive posture, so once I got the snap… I quickly backed off.

  7. I wonder how close our DNA is.

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