Crown City

For those of you who might not know it… Pasadena is sometimes known as “Crown City” (as well as “Rose City” among several other nicknames…)

So, of course, there are lots of “Crown City” named businesses in town… and this is one of my favorite Crown City themed signs.

Mostly because this cement sculptural-relief has been painted over so many times that, from the street, it looked like a giant cake covered with icing and stuck onto the stucco.

The sad bit, however, is that this great sign only advertises a now-empty building.

But I’m keeping my fingers crossed a new business will move in, spruce the place up, and give this relief yet another coat of Crown City icing. I mean… look at it. How could anyone resist?


6 comments on “Crown City”

  1. Do you know what it used to be???

    • I think it was a place called Victor’s Service.

      What really amazes me if you zoom into the photo, is what care was taken in painting that crown. Each jewel was painted individually either red or green… All forma car repair shop.

  2. It’s not as easy as it looks.

    Great shot, Kat!

  3. I love this crown, it’s one of the prettiest things on that street. By the way, have you seen the American Storage sign on Fair Oaks? They seem to have taken out the neon tubes – will they change the wording?

  4. Ugh. I was just thinking the other day that I hadn’t taken a close look at that in a while… I wonder what they’re planning.

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