Lomography, 10 golden rules of: Chinese Lanterns


“You can never foresee the results of what you’re getting… natural and artificial light, your artistic guidance and many other factors that can’t be relied on. Moreover, Lomography is often an unconscious act that can’t be controlled at all. Lomographs always emerge from a plethora of different and unexpected situations, ideas, views and intentions…”

Previous Golden Rules:

Lomography, Indtroduction (bricks and mortar digital)

1. Take your camera with you wherever you go (Road Trip)

2. Shoot any time day or night (Fireworks Plant)

3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it. (Drinking Buddy)

4. Shoot from the hip. (down stairs)

5. Approach as close as possible (Orchid)

6. Don’t think. (Unexpected on the freeway)

7. Be Fast! (sparkler)


4 comments on “Lomography, 10 golden rules of: Chinese Lanterns”

  1. That photo came up really fast, thanks. Is it because you’re in London again? The Brits are always so much quicker. :o)

    • a) I should have known that you would recognize this as London.
      b) Brits are always much faster… except when you’re waiting for service at a restaurant. lol!

  2. Seems like we have more than our share of Lomographers in the area.

    • :). I think it’s because lomography is kind if about experimentation and spontaneity. Speaking for myself, that makes it easier to pursue when you only have a second to grab a shot before you have to be on your way!

      Either that or uts for lazy people.

      I may actually fit into both categories.

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