Somebody put this Welcome Bunny outside my office building door.

I can’t decide if it’s a cute and and friendly bunny who is welcoming me to work…

Or if it’s an evil zombie bunny (look at that fixed expression…) who is trying to convince me he’s welcome…

…welcome to sneak inside and eat my brains!!

Now every time I have to work late and alone… I’ll be looking over my shoulder.


7 comments on “Welcome?”

  1. Aawwwww, the bunny is harmless though…. how large IS the bunny? That could be key.

  2. A bit weird, I’ll grant you…but I don’t think bunnies eat brains…

  3. Big bunnies can be creepy especially if they have black, soulless pits of Hell eyes.

  4. Remember the movie, Night of the Giant Lepus?

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