Cheeky Priest Graffiti, Rome

By: klikkonthis

Oct 01 2010

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Focal Length:42mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Today is City Daily Photos’ Theme Day, and the Theme is Graffiti.

I’ve got a lot of graffiti photos that I’ve taken over the years but this one, taken in Rome, is one of my favorites.

1. Because someone obviously took a lot of time with it.

2. Because It’s slightly cheeky –especially in a Catholic country (and very, very close to the Vatican).

3. Because I’m dying to know what awful thing was written in the younger priest’s dialogue bubble that got got scribbled out.


4. Because it’s right near a little bar that my husband and I ducked into when we got lost in bad weather, and we were squabbling. We sat down and ordered a drink (a spritzer made with prosecco and Campari) in an effort to cool our frazzled tempers.

The bartender made the drinks, took another glance at me and my husband sitting there silently, and then –to our surprise– poured a shot of vodka on top of the drinks and handed them to us.

Later (when our moods had mellowed) we asked the bartender in bad Italian if adding the vodka was a standard part of the recipe.

He smiled at us, shrugged and said. “No, you just looked like you could use it.”

I love Italian bartenders.

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8 comments on “Cheeky Priest Graffiti, Rome”

  1. I’ve long believed that bartenders are often better pastors than professional church people. And, boy, do they have patience in listening to peoples’ troubles! Usually, however, they don’t try to solve problems. We thank your Roman for his perspicacity.

  2. Very nice framing on this shot. I like the mural also and wish I knew what it said!

    • Check out the post below from Jessica with some interesting information (and a link) about this photo. Great information (but sadly, no full translation.)

  3. Happy Theme Day – great post for “graffiti”

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Hood Photo Blog

  4. I love that your shot is Rome! I knew instantly when looking at it that it was done by the French artist Zilda and was part of a project he did in 2009 about scenes from Italian cinema. Here is his own shot of it:

    Under the scratches it looks like it says “Ma allora” which roughly translate to “Well then” but then the third word is impossible to see, so I can’t figure it out.

    • Wow, fantastic information! Thanks so much– and interestingly, we took this picture literally the same day the photo appeared on Zilda’s site! That’s how long (or short!) it took for it to be graffiti’d. Thanks for post and the link. Rome is one of my favorite cities, we’re hoping to go again this year, and I’ll be checking out your blog!

  5. That’s some class A graffiti.

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