Lomography, 10 golden rules of: Orchid


From Lomography.com

“An essential part of your Lomographic existence is to get right to the bottom of things and investigate the world from the inside…

… Get close, even closer, don’t be afraid: laugh and everyone will not only love you…but will also realise that Lomography is the most natural thing on earth!”

Previous Golden Rules:

Lomography, Indtroduction (bricks and mortar digital)

1. Take your camera with you wherever you go (Road Trip)

2. Shoot any time day or night (Fireworks Plant)

3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it. (Drinking Buddy)

4. Shoot from the hip. (down stairs)


8 comments on “Lomography, 10 golden rules of: Orchid”

  1. Love this shot!!! Very Georgia O’Keefe!!!

  2. Agreed!!! VERY o’Keefe

  3. I think that would make Georgia blush. I know I am.

  4. Look at that leopard head!

  5. Say “Aaaaaaaaaah”!

  6. A tiny leopard with wings inside a white cat’s mouth.

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